Fees payable to your anaesthetist

You will receive an invoice for your anaesthetist's professional services for the specific surgical procedure you are undergoing.

On occasions, fees are payable in advance (for instance if you have agreed a fixed price package with the hospital) and you will be advised if this is the case.

Fees for insured patients

The fee we charge will be met in full by your insurer for patients insured with the vast majority of insurers for the vast majority of procedures. This includes patients insured with Allianz, AXA PPP, BUPA, CS healthcare, Pruhealth, Simplyhealth, The Exeter, WPA and some other insurers.

Some insurers, particularly Aviva, now reimburse anaesthetists a fee which is lower than we would be paid for NHS work and we charge a shortfall in this situation.

The extent of cover provided for professional medical services varies considerably amongst insurance companies and also with the scale of cover you have chosen. It is therefore possible that your insurance policy may not cover your anaesthetist's charges in full. You will then be responsible for settling the difference, or shortfall, between the anaesthetist's fee and your insurer's contribution.

We guarantee to charge you a fee that your insurer will pay in full unless you hear from us in writing explaining the extent of any shortfall prior to your admission to hospital.

Fees for non-insured patients

The fee that we charge for non-insured patients is the average of the reimbursement rates for the following insurers: Allianz, AXA PPP, BUPA, CS healthcare, The Exeter, WPA, Pruhealth.

Please use our fee calculator to obtain a quote for the fee you will be charged if you are not insured.


Fees for multiple procedures

In line with most insurers, where two procedures are performed at the same time we will charge 100% of the fee for the main procedure and 50% of the fee for the second procedure.

If you require any further information related to the fee, please contact Oonagh Egerton (secretaryforsag@gmail.com) prior to the date of your operation.

The anaesthetists in SAG are fully adherent to the Voluntary Code for Billing Private Patients published by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland.http://www.aagbi.org/sites/default/files/code_of_practice_08.pdf